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Axl Rose Steve Mnuchin,Axl Rose calls Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin an ‘a–hole|2020-05-09

Axl Rose, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Spar On Twitter

Terms of Use Privacy Notice Your Ad Choices Sitemap California Privacy Rights Do Not Sell My Personal Information.Mnuchin, clearly with an appetite for destruction, replied with a question for Rose, and it looks like the two won’t be going down to Paradise City together anytime soon: .See all the aforementioned tweets below.Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose called out Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Twitter on Wednesday.During Trump's tour music blared over the speakers, including the band's 1991 hit song "Live and Let Die".

Axl Rose Calls Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin An ‘a–hole …

“Hey isn’t Liberia the flag most cruise ships fly under to avoid taxes and regulation?” — @TavernWench.Trump's campaign frequently uses the band's music during Trump's raucous campaign rallies, despite the group explicitly telling the campaign to stop.UPDATED: Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose is only an occasional tweeter, so the odds that Secretary of the Treasurer Steven Mnuchin would have been someone the rocker would have chosen to take on as “officially an a–hole” would have seemed extremely slim before Wednesday night.

Axl Rose Calls Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin An ‘a–hole …

But the Twittersphere is faster than that! No sooner did he delete the tweet did screen grabs of his patriotism rally cry with a foreign flag go viral, with several people tweeting out the original message for all to see:.After the singer called Steve Mnuchin ….That turned out to be the band’s only gig thus far in 2020, with the rest of their spring shows postponed.Tweet, child of mine.One problem: that was apparently Mnuchin’s second version of his response, after he deleted the first.— Corbin Reiff (@CorbinReiff) May 7, 2020.

Axl Rose Calls Steve Mnuchin An "Asshole", Mnuchin Responds …

The treasury secretary didn’t have any patience for Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose on Twitter Wednesday when the rock legend welcomed.Around that same time, when Rose was being asked why the president was using GNR music at a rally, the singer answered, “As far as I’m concerned anyone can enjoy GNR 4 whatever reason n’ there’s truth 2 the saying ‘u can’t choose your fans’ n’ we’re good w/that… Having said that my personal position is that the Trump administration along w/the majority of Republicans in Congress n’ their donors that support him 4 their own agendas r doing r nation a disservice… We have an individual in the WH that will say n’ do anything w/no regard for truth, ethics, morals or empathy of any kind, who says what’s real is fake n’ what’s fake is real… Who will stop at nothing 4 power feeding off the anger n’ resentment he sows 24/7 while constantly whining how whatever doesn’t go his way is unfair… Most of us in America have never experienced anything this obscene at this level in r lifetimes n’ if we as a country don’t wake up n’ put an end 2 this nonsense now it’s something we definitely will all pay hard 4 as time goes on.

Axl Rose Calls Steve Mnuchin An "Asshole", Mnuchin Responds …

“Hey important unrelated side question what the f— do you guys have against using vowels in your name like normal people” —.— Philip Crowther (@PhilipinDC) May 7, 2020.Mnuchin, clearly with an appetite for destruction, replied with a question for Rose, and it looks like the two won’t be going down to Paradise City together anytime soon: .children because one or both of their parents are immigrants.May 07, 2020Axl Rose has done way more for this country than Steve Mnuchin has, it isn’t close.COVID-19 bringing devastating groupthink consequences.

Axl Rose Calls Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin An ‘a–hole …

— Philip Crowther (@PhilipinDC) May 7, 2020.Donate to help vulnerable communities cope with COVID-19 DONATE.Axl Rose of the legendary rock group Guns N’ Roses on Wednesday described Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as an "a–hole" and escalated his ….Constitution shredded by dangerous elected officials.We've received your submission.(Although they look similar in miniature, the Liberian flag has one star where the American has, of course, 50.“What have you done for the country lately?” the Treasury Secretary tweeted back, followed by an emoji of the flag of the African nation, Liberia.Mnuchin’s comments during a Fox Business appearance Monday, in which he claimed it’s a “great time for people to explore America.

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